Trust Our Stump Grinding Process

Trust Our Stump Grinding Process

Hire us for stump grinding in Keystone Heights & Gainesville, FL

When you hire Stumphead Stump Grinding, LLC, you can trust our tried-and-true process to remove stumps in your yard efficiently and safely. We offer tree stump grinding services in Keystone Heights, FL and the surrounding area.

Once we evaluate your stump, we'll remove it quickly and skillfully. We'll start the stump grinding process by passing over the stump with our advanced equipment until it's below the surface. We'll then mix the finely ground mulch pieces with dirt and fill in the hole.

Get in touch with us right away to get the process started.

Use excess mulch for your plants

If there's any mulch left after we fill in the stump hole, you can use it for other areas of your yard. Put some around your trees and shrubs. If you don't want the mulch, we'll remove it for an additional fee.

Call us today at 386-227-0024 to discuss your stump grinding needs.